Custom Android App

What’s the big deal?

An innovative advertising package that will get your brand and special promotions in front of your customers more effectively. We’re bringing you modern marketing at a fraction of the price. Helping you keep up with the new digital age.

We can help you with all your marketing needs, including apps, graphics, websites, printed material, and more.

For the package, we combined online advertising, social media, and an app. A triple threat! It will be an entertaining app that your current customers will want to keep using and share with their friends and family, but capable of delivering your message to drive new business.


About Your App

  • Your App will be in the Google Play Store
  • Branded with your company logo and name
  • Banner and Advertising for your company
  • Easy to update Photo Gallery
  • 500 Business Cards to promote your App
  • Graphics created to get you started
  • 24/7 Streaming Music, What’s News, and Music Videos

…and much more!

We look forward to supporting your marketing needs, please contact us using the form below or calling (Toll Free) Canada/US 1.877.469.3016 option 4.