03 Greedo on Grape Street Providing a Family Structure, Grape Spreading (Part 2)

Watch Part 3: https://goo.gl/eHTfCs
Part 1: https://goo.gl/Q6SPBu
In this clip, 03 Greedo opened up about how chaotic of an upbringing he had and some of the choices he made amidst the chaos that completely altered his life. 03 Greedo went in about being from Grape St. Crip and what made him join. He spoke about moving a lot as a kid between states and spoke about having a baby around the age of 17/18.

03 Greedo spoke on wanting to have a “cookie cutter” family but said where he’s from that’s impossible. 03 Greedo went on to admonish the labor system and said that people from his neighborhood are dumb if they’re not entrepreneurs.

He doubled down on this assertion claiming that a 9-5 only leads to a perpetual cycle of debt and being an entrepreneur (someone in control of their own labor in a loose sense) makes you fully human in the system we live under.