Yella Beezy on ‘That’s On Me” Blowing Up, Lil Baby Getting on “Up One” Remix (Part 1)

In this clip, Yella Beezy discussed two of his hit singles, “That’s on Me” and “Up One.” He said that for both he didn’t really think they’d take off like they did. Yella Beezy also spoke on how he got Lil Baby to hop on “Up One” and shoot a video for the track.

Later on, Yella Beezy talked about there not being many street artists coming out of Dallas that have blown up but he did demonstrate his knowledge of Dallas music by shouting out Erykah Badu, The DOC, and even Post Malone. Yella Beezy also laughed off Vlad’s assertion that the biggest rap artist to come out of Dallas was Vanilla Ice.