SHOTS FIRED!!! RAH DIGGA fires shots at LORD JAMAR/celebrates 18 yrs of DIRTY HARRIET

On the anniversary of Rah Digga’s album “Dirty Harriet”, Lord Jamar and guest panelist Alexandra Hill get the inside scoop on the hustle that was behind getting her project out. Rah Digga discusses being part of Flipmode Squad, and Outsidaz, and talks about the dynamics of having a label head who is also a rapper.
Rah Digga also shares details about her “Lyrics Matter” project that she started to pass down her experience and knowledge of hip hop to the younger generation.

0:00 – 6:26 Rah Digga brings out the CANNON!!
6:27 How many people from Flipmode Squad had solo projects?*
8:38 Why Rah Digga’s album was released ahead of other Flipmode members
10:37 The work ethic of Busta Rhymes
14:42 Was Rah Digga part of the Outsidaz (Livestream question)
15:11 Why Rah Digga didn’t perform with Outsidaz (Livestream question)
17:26 What inspired Rah Digga’s record “F**k Y’all N****z”?
20:35 How the crew finessed the labels
23:32 Rah Digga’s community activities – Lyrics Matter, LLC
28:03 LL Cool J launches “Rock The Bells Radio” on Sirius
29:30 Book Recommendation
30:18 Outro

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