Color Full Lives: What We’ve Learned with Tonya Rapley and Marcus Garrett & Rich Jones

In the last episode of our limited series, we talk to not one, not two, but three financial experts. Angela and Amina discuss epiphanies they’ve had and things they’ve learned about money management from the season and throughout our lives. And of course, we had to touch base for one last accountability check-in.

Our first guest is millennial money expert, Tonya Rapley. She speaks to us about financial abuse, how to avoid spending triggers and how she planned a budget-friendly destination wedding.

Then we talk to the guys from Paychecks & Balances. You’ve gotta hear Marcus’s story of how he got into and out of $30,000 of debt.

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Hosts: @Aminatou & @AngelaYee
Producer: @mattRAZ
Editor & Engineer: Dwayne Crawford
Guest: Tonya Rapley @MyFabFinance and Marcus Garrett & Rich Jones @PayBalances
Presented by: State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company

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