Godfrey and DJ Vlad Discuss Whether He is a Culture Vulture (Part 6)

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Part 7: https://goo.gl/7QUuY1
Part 1: https://goo.gl/XwNyi9
In this clip, Godfrey gives his take on whether or not a person can remain racist after having a biracial child. For Godfrey, he believes white people can compartmentalize so well that having a biracial child wouldn’t expel their racism. He went on to explain how white people can love parts of other cultures without having any love for the people of that culture.

Later on, Godfrey and DJ Vlad discussed the term “culture vulture.” They chop it up about whether the accusations against Vlad of being a culture vulture are valid. Godfrey also gives an example of who he believes is a culture vulture when he tears into Justin Timberlake.