Gary Owen on Working with Taraji, Lala, Gabriel, Meagan: “They Got Di*ks” (Part 4)

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In this clip, Gary Owen discussed being apart of the Def Comedy Jam 25 on Netflix. He talked about the experience but admitted that the airing was bittersweet considering Russell Simmons’ absence following sexual misconduct and assault allegations. Gary said that you expect to see Uncle Rush there introducing the comics and closing out the show as he did in the ’90s.

Gary Owen and DJ Vlad went on to discuss the legacy of Def Comedy Jam and the careers that were catapulted as a result. The pair also discussed the #MeToo Movement and Gary’s experience being in Hollywood. For Gary, he avoids scandals by not looking at the women he works with sexually. Needless to say, Vlad found that extremely difficult to believe considering the caliber of women Gary has been on screen with.