Fan Bros Show: Not In The Week Of Wakanda fea. Ato Essandoh

Not In The Week Of Wakanda. Not today and not ever. We asked for a battery in our back last week and the f**Cbois behind Comicsgate have given it to us. Don’t bother googling what Comicsgate is, just press play and listen to Benhameen and Tatiana break it down to the very last compound. A f**Cboi by another name is still a … well you get the rest.
But oh no, we didn’t just tear apart the clowns, we also had to celebrate the crowning of Black Panther with our brother Ato Essandoh. You might have peeped him this weekend when you were binge watching Altered Carbon, so listen as he breaks down what separates it from Blade Runner and other media like it.
Plus we talk about what is next for Ato, including Chicago Med and X-Men: Dark Phoenix.
Oh did we mention that we are in the New York Times? Tatiana told you, 2018 is the year where we get ours.

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