Cookie Money: I Want to be Like Boosie for My Generation (Part 7)

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In this clip, Cookie Money revealed some information regarding his latest project “Cookie World 2.” He talked about having Boosie on his project and the influence that Boosie had on his generation of street dudes. To Cookie Money, his duty is to bring the generation after him the feeling and content that Boosie gave to his generation. Cookie Money talked about first meeting Boosie and how he went down to Baton Rouge during a weekend that Boosie honored one of his closest friends/mentors. Cookie Money also praised JAY-Z for providing him with a hustler’s soundtrack. Cookie Money pointed out all the nuances of the streets Jay spoke to and how he plans to use Hov’s blueprint to tell his story.

Cookie Money later talked about his mom being proud of what he’s doing now. He said she finally has peace of mind before recounting a time when his mother’s mind was far from being at peace.