Trick Daddy on Telling Black Women to Tighten Up – Half of Them Tightened Up (Part 7)

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In this clip, Trick Daddy attempted to clarify what he meant when he told Black women to “tighten up” in comparison to other ethnicities of women. Trick stated that his statement wasn’t meant to be disrespectful and said that some women even seconded his comments. He even said that “half of ’em already tightened up.”

Trick Daddy went on to offer some sharp financial advice saying, “If you have more money in your closet and in your driveway than your bank account, you f**king up.” Trick discussed the importance of building credit and his personal struggles rebuilding his. He also warned against posting your kids on social media, not allowing kids to have social media accounts until they’re 18, and how social media is contributing to the level of violence, we see in the country today.