Lyrica Anderson: Dr. Dre Wanted to Sign Me, But I Wasn’t “Hood” Enough for Him (Part 2)

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In this VladTV exclusive, Lyrica Anderson reminisces about her childhood. After the loss of her twin sister, Anderson begged her mother to have more children, but she remained an only child.

Anderson also mentions that her mother struggled financially. But things changed once her mother’s singing career began to take off.

Anderson’s mom had a stellar music career. She opened up for artists such as Chaka Khan, Tina Turner and more. Anderson says she didn’t quite surpass her mother’s path but is now able to provide for her mom.
Previously, the songwriter landed a considerable publishing deal with Disney and wrote a song for “Princess and the Frog.”

She also spoke about working with Timbaland, and signing a one year contract. The super-producer even gave her advice that helped her developed into the artist she is today.

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