Turk on “Bling Bling” Changing Rap, Being Too High to Record Radio Verse (Part 4)

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Part 1: https://goo.gl/sCjscD

In this clip, Turk details not being able to record the radio version of “Bling Bling” due to his drug habit. Turk said he was too high to record the alternative version and underestimated the track’s mainstream potential. In hindsight, he felt like he let his opportunity slip because he saw the gap widen between him and Lil Wayne after that song.

Turk later discussed his battle with addiction, particularly to heroin and cocaine, and how his addiction led to him eventually overdosing. He also talked about killing a police officer. He vehemently denies that he purposely killed a law enforcement officer, but Turk said that when the police raided his home and shot in the house 52 times, he didn’t know any other form of recourse but to protect himself.