Trick Daddy: Future is the Smartest Rapper for Tricking People with Drug Lyrics (Part 6)

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In this clip, Trick Daddy briefly discussed his ongoing battle with lupus and how he doesn’t use prescription drugs. He’s been dealing with this illness for quite some time and chooses to self-medicate instead. Trick Daddy went on to discuss the current climate in hip-hop and the rampant drug use that is occurring. To Trick Daddy, Future is the smartest rapper out that speaks about drug use because he’s able to make the content palatable for listeners.

Later on in the conversation, Trick Daddy spoke about mumble rappers raising the status of his music effectively making it timeless because of the microwave nature of rap today. He also dropped some gems on larger social issues and offered some financial advice: If you look in your closet and your driveway and see more money there than in your bank account, you f*ckin up.