Lord Jamar on How He Would React if One of His Kids Turned Out Gay (Part 9)

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In this clip, Lord Jamar talked about what he would do if one of his children came out of the closet. Lord Jamar has a very strong opinion about homosexuality, and that didn’t change just because of the hypothetical situation. He did speak, however, about continuing to love them but he wouldn’t actively support the decision. Lord Jamar noted that his house would be off-limits to his child and their significant other but that his child would be welcomed into the home without their spouse.

Lord Jamar ended with an off subject but nevertheless interesting take on why Black people don’t completely lose it with white people, and he pointed out that Black people are the original people, i.e., the parent. White people would be considered the child in Jamar’s analogy, and the reason Black people have never truly lashed out against whites is based on this idea that Black people are the parents of this situation, and whites are the unruly child.