Russell Simmons: I Was There for Donald Trump’s 1st Date with Melania (Part 4)

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In this clip, Russell Simmons provided much-needed words of wisdom during this tumultuous time American race relations. He discussed how the anxiety of white-male supremacists has reared its head in the form of Donald Trump, who Simmons had a friendship with for over 30 years. He even revealed that he was there for Trump’s first date with Melania. Uncle Rush said that he had experienced some of Trump’s racist, homophobic, and sexist comments before but attributed them more to the arrogance of white supremacy more than Trump being a hardline Neo-Nazi.

Russell Simmons also gave his take on the NFL protests and how players are representing their communities rather than their personal lives. Uncle Rush thought it offensive that Trump and NFL owners appealed to the idea that since these players are making so much money that they should be grateful but Simmons believes that these players don’t see themselves as free. Especially because their communities are under siege and not to mention NFL owners calling the players inmates lends to that feeling of confinement as well. Uncle Rush urged people of color, people of other religions, and the like should not engage in hateful interactions toward anyone but remain steadfast in the fight for justice.