Celebrity Scavenger Hunts? MN’s Family Adventure (Coming Soon)

Watch the teaser above for our newest series MN’s Family Adventure.

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In our newest series, MN’s Family Adventure we put two celebrity families to the test and challenged them to a scavenger hunt around Los Angeles. There were two themed scavenger hunts, Adventure and Fashion. For the Adventure themed scavenger hunt, you will see Bill Bellamy and his family compete against Flex Alexander and his family. These two families went on fun-filled adventure that you don’t want to miss! 

For the Fashion themed scavenger hunt, you will see Niecy Nash and her girls compete against Shamicka Lawrence and her two daughters. The locations and clues featured a couple of the best black-owned boutiques and showrooms that LA has to offer. Who do you think will win? Stay tuned for the final videos. 

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