Cookie Money on How He Got His Name, Never Aspired to be a Rapper (Part 4)

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In this clip, Cookie Money talks about an odd occurrence that saw him and his father, both serving probation, working at a Whole Foods together in Northern California. Cookie Money spoke about how he only worked there for two weeks, but that was his first legitimate job. He talked about going to work with jewelry on dangling over the Whole Foods apron. Cookie Money went on to discuss his name and how he got it as well as rapping being a far-fetched idea for cats from the streets in Oakland. To Cookie Money, the artists that made it big were either from other parts of the Bay or were from Oakland but not from the streets.

Cookie Money went on to discuss his encounter with DJ Mustard after producing Tyga’s smash hit “Rack City” and getting a beat from Mustard. Cookie Money detailed the process of making that track and how it actually took him 3 months to finish.