Russell Simmons on Defending Jay-Z after “Story of OJ” Anti-Semitism Claims (Part 3)

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Russell Simmons sits down with DJ Vlad to explain why he defended Jay-Z when the rapper was called anti-semitic for a line in his song “Story of OJ.” He goes on to say, “I don’t think attackingΒ African American leaders is going to foster relations between Blacks and Jews.” The mogul speaks on his efforts to unify people in many religious groups from his work with Rabbis and Imans, and how he gets Minister Farrakhan to sit down and discuss things because dialogue is the key to change.”Β 

Simmons also goes on to say that the best example of Jews and Black efficiently working together is hip-hop. In the grand scheme of things “Any community that fights for their own rights is only as honorable as they would spend that energy fighting for the rights of others.”