Lord Jamar is Boycotting the NFL, He Loves Football But Doesn’t Watch It Now (Part 7)

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In this VladTV exclusive, Lord Jamar discusses former Miami Dolphins coach Chris Foerster sniffing coke — and being caught on camera. It was later revealed that the former football coach was exposed by his African-American “side chick.” Jamar believes the coach only resigned /got fired because the video of him doing drugs had leaked. Jamar also alleged that Foerster sniffing coke was probably a known thing, comparing the situation to Harvey Weinstein’s situation [in terms of the industry being aware of it]. “They [NFL] don’t want to be associated, but that doesn’t mean they’re not associated,” said Jamar regarding the incident.He also talked about Kaepernick filing a collusion and boycotting the NFL even though he loves football.Take a look at the clip above.