Maino Says You’re Not Getting P***y if You’re Complaining About Mumble Rap (Part 6)

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In this clip, Maino discussed the generational rift that seems to occur with every generation in hip-hop. The talk about the quality, ability, and sound of the music from an emerging era is always critiqued by its predecessor. Too Short spelled that out during his interview with VladTV and Maino agreed. But when discussing “mumble rap” in particular, Maino said that if you don’t enjoy the new wave, it’s probably an indication that you’re not getting any p***y. He talked about the way mumble rap dominates the strip club because it’s not about the lyrics so much as the vibe. Maino detailed how mumble rap is directly linked to the strip club culture and how women gravitate toward the sound.

Maino also talked about his Eye of Horus tattoo and how its origins aren’t linked to the Illuminati and urged fans to cop his latest album Party in Pain.