China Mac Talks Joining Father’s Enemy Gang “Ghost Shadows” at 11 Years Old (Part 3)

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In this VladTV exclusive, China Mac talked about joining the Ghost Shadows at just 11 years old. β€œThey bring the kids in, young they would have us hold the guns,” he revealed. β€œBecause if we get arrested, we don’t really get too much time,” he continued.
Mac goes in-depth about Chinese gangs. He said there were rituals and different Gods. According to Mac, the gangsters looked up to β€œGuan”(a Chinese God).

Mac also recalled a ceremony that he went to. He mentioned that they would cut a live snake and let the blood drip down. Members would then have to drink snake blood. β€œWe swore into that,” said China Mac. Today, he says that Chinese gangs have died down.

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