Flashback: Meek Tells Taxstone Despite Real Life Struggles He’s Unscathed

Back in November of last year, hip-hop fans heard from Meek Mill for the first time since he temporarily deleted his Instagram and his beef with Drake, in an hour-long interview with Taxstone. The two rode around Atlanta in Meek’s Rolls Royce Wraith, as the Philly spitter spoke about the state of his career and his battle with the legal system. He also touched on the varying degrees of issues he had with Drake, Game, and Beanie Sigel, as he looked back on some of his past struggles led him up to this point.

n real life, we’re in the Wraith. In real life, I came from the streets. In real life, I’m felonied up. In real life, I caught cases and had ten co-d’s, been to so many situations with n***as and stood up. In real life, I be tabbing my whole hood on the jet. In real life, I wake up, and Nicki Minaj is my lady…. Meek Mill is unscathed.”

Unfortunately, Meek has been sentenced to 2-4 years for probation violation, and Taxstone is currently locked up for charges stemming from the Irving Plaza shooting. Watch the full interview above.