Flashback: Adrien Broner on Supporting Donald Trump, Loving his Arrogance

Flashback to this VladTV exclusive interview from 2016. Adrien Broner doesn’t play when it comes to his “About Billions” brand and making sure that he stays draped in the most expensive diamonds as much as possible. Taking notes from his on-and-off again boxing brethren, Floyd Mayweather and his “Money Team” lifestyle, he explains it started when the retired boxer talked about his $2 million diamond bracelet and nonchalantly tossed it. During our sit-down with Broner, he talks about the jewelry he wears which rounds up to over a million dollars, being a mama’s boy, and surprisingly admitting his support for Donald Trump.

“I just want to see the show. I just know if he gets in office, a lot of s*** is going to change, and it’s going to be better for me.” Broner said. As far as the presumptive Republican presidential candidate’s stance on immigration, mainly targeting Mexicans and Muslims, he explains that he still has love for minorities, but doesn’t mind a wall as long as his taxes are lowered. “Build the wall,” he said before changing his mind, “F**k the wall, drop them taxes.”